Kilton Public Library’s Tor Relay Sparks Discussion Over Online Privacy

We start tonight on the issue of online privacy, which was brought into the spotlight recently at the Kilton Public Library in Lebanon New Hampshire. The library, which is part of the Lebanon Public Libraries system, had a server known as Tor installed about a month ago. The Tor system is a global network that allows users to surf the web anonymously.

The Department of Homeland Security caught wind of Kilton’s Tor relay through an article published online and is concerned that people could use the library’s computers with criminal or terrorist intent.

Tuesday, YCN News went to the library and spoke with Sean Fleming who is the Library Director of the Lebanon Public Libraries. He explains what the Tor network is, if anyone could walk in the door and use it, and the library’s reaction to the DHS’s concern.

The library is meeting with the board of the trustees and members of the public Tuesday night at 7:00. Fleming says he hopes to see that the board will take input from Lebanon residents and that the will of the people will be expressed.

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