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Brattleboro Selectboard Debating Proposed Cell Tower

The Brattleboro Vermont Selectboard says they need more information. What for? For a proposed 140-foot cell tower off of Putney Road. Located in the rear of the Agway building, AT&T wants to build  the tower and has filed a petition with the Public Service board to erect the tower.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports a representative from the company that wants to build the tower was at Tuesday night’s Selectboard meeting but the board was split on whether the town should support the project. Selectboard member Donna Macomber said the views along the river are spectacular and she said a 140-foot tower would change that.

AT&T was asking for the new tower to improve data service. The Selectboard will meet on Sept. 1st to see how the majority of the board feels about the tower.

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