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Debate Over Dartmouth Athletic Facility Continues in Hanover

In Hanover, the battle continues over a proposed large athletic facility to be built in a residential neighborhood. Dartmouth has proposed building a 70,000-square-foot athletic facility for its athletes to use year-round, but the location is raising eyebrows and even some fists.

Just last week, abutters of the proposed build site off of South Park Street, through their attorney, have filed a request with Hanover’s Planning Board to examine the school’s application for the site. This is an effort to find a compromise with Dartmouth to adjust the design so that it is more friendly to the surrounding areas in a few different regards.

The Valley News says that the investigation into the site plan showed many deficiencies and lacked information regarding certain factors such as sound and neighborhood impact.

Communication between the college and residents is ongoing and school officials have proposed changing the shape of the roof. Residents have complained mainly about the sheer size of the building, which would resemble a large warehouse and the two sides in the argument hope to reach a compromise before anything is set in stone.

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