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Old Abbott Library Potentially Welcoming New Owners

In Sunapee, the future of the Old Abbott Library is currently being discussed with one local preservation group presenting their vision of how the building can be used. WNTK Radio says that the Sunapee Historical Society, in conjunction with the Town of Sunapee, is moving forward with their idea to install a thrift shop in the lowest level of the building and purchase the building for a quarter million dollars.

A lease purchase agreement is on the horizon and public hearings will be held to determine what the public thinks about the building’s possible future under the wing of the Sunapee Historical Society.

The purchase price would cover payment to the Library Trustees and the Planning Board is being brought into the discussion in September to talk about a handicap ramp to lower level of the building, which would potentially house a thrift shop.

The New Abbott Library was built two years ago and since then, they have reported that there has been an 80% increase in visits and 120% increase in the number of library cards issued.

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