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City Officials Visit Proposed Claremont Speedway RV Site

The proposal for an RV campground at the Claremont Speedway is moving further towards fruition as city planners visited the grounds Monday and were able to analyze its suitability on a fact-finding mission.

The Valley News reports that Monday night, Zoning Board of Adjustment members, part of 20 people overall, visited the speedway’s grounds on Thrasher Road where they hope to build a 149-spot camping site. They explored the area in groups, which included members of the Conservation Commission.

The site has received some negative feedback already, with abutters being concerned about water supply. However, during Monday night’s visit, some ground rules were set by the interim city planner that dictated that they receive no feedback during the site analysis and instead simply gather some facts.

Public input will be accepted during the ZBA hearing on August 1st. The board must approve a zoning variance to allow the construction of the campground, considering that the site is in a rural residential zone.

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