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Brattleboro Police Warn of Fake News Stories on Internet

Here’s some food for thought: can you trust the news that’s given to you? Does it depend on the source it came from and your trust level with that source? Most would argue that there are varying degrees of credibility regarding different sources of news. Even though there are newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations in our area, such as Your Local View, police in Brattleboro are warning residents not believe everything they see online, especially if it didn’t come from one of those mentioned mediums.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports that a recent story was published online on an open media website that claimed five people were murdered in Brattleboro. Police Captain Mark Carignan identified and confirmed the story as fake and is reminding residents to check in with their local police department if they see a story of that sort to confirm its credibility.

Captain Carignan told the Reformer that nowadays, anybody can post anything they want and is up to residents to check if that information is actually correct.

The website that posted the false story is ReporterCenter.com and has been known to post other factually incorrect sensational stories. Fake stories often hide malware and viruses that can infect your computer should you click on the news story.

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