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Woman Charged in Connection with Home Invasion Held With Bail

A court update as a woman arrested last week for connection with a 2015 home invasion has been ordered held on bail for conspiracy. 35-year old Sarah Carr of Claremont pleaded not guilty in court on Tuesday, facing the charge of contempt of bail for prior offenses that she committed, and set is for trial later this year in August.

The charge is a misdemeanor and she has waived her right to a probable cause hearing for the charge of conspiracy to receive stolen property, a felony charge, stemming from a home invasion that her husband, Jeffrey Buzzell, committed in May of 2015. Buzzell and another man had broken into a Charlestown woman’s home, tied her up, and stolen a large amount of jewelry and valuables.

The location of the stash of stolen goods was discovered when authorities heard a phone call from Buzzell to Carr, while Buzzell was in prison, revealing directions on how to reach the stash. Carr was out on bail for two counts of welfare fraud she committed in March and had been ordered to not commit any offenses during that time.

However, the conspiracy to receive stolen property charge that was handed to her during that period led to the contempt of bail charge. Carr’s bail this time was set at $25,000 and she’s set to appear in court again at a later date.

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