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Officials Report Young Boys Started Claremont Barn Fire

An update from Wednesday’s top story as a barn fire here in Claremont was revealed to have been started by young boys playing with a lighter. According to The Valley News, the fire chief of Claremont, Rick Bergeron, told the paper that three juveniles were playing with a cigarette lighter that started the blaze that destroyed a six bay barn at 165 Sugar River Drive. The barn contained equipment belonging to Picard and Son’s Waste and Recycling, which was all destroyed by the blaze.

The damage is estimated at $50,000 to $60,000 for the equipment alone. The responsible juveniles had been in the vicinity of the barn prior to the fire and they admitted to starting it.

The owner of the property was initially confused as to how the blaze started, telling authorities that there was no active electricity anywhere in the building. Several explosions were observed as the fire devoured the equipment inside.

Fire crews from Claremont, Newport, Cornish, and Charlestown all responded to the scene.

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