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Claremont Woman Arrested for Connection to Home Invasion

A Claremont woman was arrested Thursday in connection to a home invasion of an elderly Charlestown woman’s home.

Police say that 25-year old Sarah Carr of 12 Memorial Drive in Claremont was arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Receiving Stolen Property, related to a home invasion over a year ago. Carr is the wife of Jeffrey Buzzell, who was arrested last month on similar charges for a home invasion he took part in during May of 2015.

Buzzell and another man broke into an elderly woman’s home, tied her up in the basement, and stole jewelry and valuables. Almost a year later, the stolen goods were discovered when police intercepted a phone call that Buzzell made from prison to his wife, describing where they were.

At that time, Buzzell was in prison for a charge unrelated to the home invasion. Carr was arraigned Friday and Buzzell is currently lodged at the Sullivan County House of Corrections for lack of bail.

Both New Hampshire State Police and Claremont Police assisted in yesterday’s arrest.

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