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Off-Duty Police Officer Allegedly Shoots and Kills Dog

Witnesses allege that an off-duty police officer from the Hartford Police Department shot and killed someone’s dog that assaulted his own dog at a local dog park. Hartford Police say that on Saturday afternoon around 4:30 PM, they responded to the Watson Upper Valley Dog Park and discovered that off-duty Officer Logan Scelza had shot and killed a pitbull that had reportedly bitten his dog in the throat.

Scelza is a four year veteran of the Hartford force and Vermont State Police are being asked to help aid in the investigation of what happened. Hartford Police posted a video to their Facebook page of a personal address by Police Chief Phillip Kasten in regards to the incident.

Scelza has since been placed on administrative leave. For the full video of Chief Kasten’s address, you can visit the Hartford Police Department’s Facebook page.

The investigation by Vermont State Police and local authorities is ongoing tonight and anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has any information, please contact Detective Trooper Mike Notte of the Vermont State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

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