Junior Sports League Building Up For Sale For Third Time

It’s been a tough time over the past year or so for the Junior Sports League building in Claremont, which is still without a permanent owner. The council voted in April of 2015 to put the JSL building up for sale, as well as the former Goodwin Community Center building on Broad Street.

It has now been relisted for sale for a third time, according to The Eagle Times, with an estimated value of roughly $703,000. The building has been in the hands of the city since 1996 and could be used for small-scale commercial activity or for residential use.

The JSL has been vacant since the end of 2014, and needs numerous structural improvements before being deemed safe for public use.

The City Council voted in January to allot $8,000 to heat the building during the late winter months, even though that money was not allotted in last year’s budget, as the city had hoped to sell it by winter.

Several interested parties have expressed interest throughout the two previous listings but to date, there have been no formal bids.

The current sale period goes until August 5th of this year.

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