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Summer Day Trip Idea: Plymouth Notch, Vermont

With the start of the summer traveling season just around the corner, YCN took a trip to nearby Plymouth, Vermont to look at one of Vermont’s most scenic villages and newly remodeled visitors centers. Located along scenic Routes 100 & 100A, Plymouth is comprised of two small villages, Plymouth and Plymouth Notch, the boyhood home of President Calvin Coolidge.

Historic Plymouth Notch is carefully preserved as this small hill town remains virtually unchanged since 1923. It was in this old family homestead when Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the 30th President of the United States.

Plymouth Notch served as the 1924 Summer White House and the village church, general store, cheese factory, and community dance hall offer travelers a glimpse back in time and in American History. A great place to visit this summer.

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  1. Plymouth was first settled by my fourth great-grandfather, Revolutionary Soldier and Boston Tea Party participant Captain John Coolidge who was also the President’s great-great grandfather. It is unique for not only its originality and history, but also for the hard work and sacrifice of the early settlers whose motto was to treat others as you want to be treated. I am proud of my heritage and reminded of their strong spirit and love of country. I urge anyone, who has the opportunity, to pay a visit there; it will be well worth the trip.

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