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Board Denies Continuing Hearing for Reopening of BJ Brickers

Things aren’t looking too good for a closed restaurant here in Claremont that had hopes of reopening. The owner of BJ Bricker’s at 214 Washington Street, Sandra Holl, was hoping to reopen the restaurant after it closed in August of 2013 after Holl and her brother inherited the business in 2008 and could not find common ground on how to run the business.

However, The Eagle Times reports that the Planning Board voted 7-0 against continuing the public hearing for the site plan waiver request. Holl had requested that the board continue to hearings, of which there have been three so far, so that she could hold a Donald Trump campaign event at the restaurant.

The board’s reasoning behind voting the site plan down was merely because of parking and Holl needing to provide a professional engineer’s design to prove the existence of nearly 30 parking spots. The current site plan is over 20 years old and parking in the area, which is near the Claremont Plaza, has since changed.

The hearings for the restaurant reopening may continue if Holl is able to prove that there are at least 25 parking spaces specific to the restaurant and not the nearby plaza.

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