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Sunapee Officials Alert Residents of Property Assessing

If you’re a resident of Sunapee, New London, or Newbury, don’t be alarmed if an unknown person shows up at your door and asks for measurements of your home. Town officials from the three towns are alerting residents that under their inter municipal agreement for assessing, they have hired the Cross Country Appraisal Group to check out properties in town to gauge their value and reference it with data they have on file.

The homes in question that will be visited are those that have not been visited in the past five years and officials hope that the work will be completed by the end of July this year. It should be noted that not every single house in town is on the list.

The data collectors will be traveling and visiting homes in marked vehicles and will not enter your home if no one is home. They are seeking interior and exterior measurements and will only complete the interior scan if a resident over the age of 18 consents to let them enter.

Both interior and exterior are needed to create an accurate value and town officials say that they are not completing a revaluation at this time and are only verifying property data.

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