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Vacant Claremont Building Eyed by Stone Arch Bakery

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread. Now, residents of Claremont may soon have another bakery to visit to not only get a waft of that wonderful smell, but to actually buy some baked goods.

The Eagle Times reports that the Stone Arch Bakery, located on 39 Main Street, is hoping to lease the former Moose Lodge at 203 Broad Street and turn it into a bakery-cafe, aside from their two other locations in Claremont and Lebanon.

A public hearing and presentation of the site plan application is being held next Monday at City Hall, where those interested can hear a presentation of the plans to renovate and utilize the currently unused building. 2,200 square feet will be turned into a bakery/cafe while the other 4,000 feet will be converted to office space.

Parking will be provided by around 30 existing spots in the rear of the building and some new spaces out front. The Moose Lodge closed in 2014 when Moose International took the building as the result of a dispute which involved a lawsuit and taking Moose members to federal court.

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