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Local Antique Store Offers Historical Treasure Hunt for Collectors

Two weeks ago, we brought you a piece on a restaurant in Plainfield, New Hampshire, called the Olde Village Haunt. Right across the street from the Haunt is another local business that plays off of the rich history of our area, offering up antiques, firearms, and collectibles that truly offers something for everybody.

The Collector’s Armory opened up late last year and now, with the weather warming up, business is really starting to boom for the store, which is housed in the Plainfield General Store building. We caught up with co-owner, Paul Yates, who runs the shop with his wife Erin, to tell us more about what’s on display for collectors and customers.

The Collector’s Armory is open 10-5 Wednesday through Saturday and owners Paul and Erin would be more than happy to help you out, whether you’re looking for that certain firearm, antique, or collector’s item.

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