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Claremont Officials Confirm Trump Owes Claremont Over $1000

A lot has happened in the past 24 hours in the presidential campaign, with Ted Cruz and John Kasich both suspending their presidential bids, leaving Donald Trump as the top dog. It’s no secret that the business mogul has a lot of money, as he’s proclaimed that he has self-funded the entire campaign, but his expenses are adding up and one local town is still feeling the impact of one particular rally months ago.

In a packed house back in January at Stevens High School here in Claremont, Trump spoke to numerous supporters and secured his win in our region and the Granite State.

However, Claremont officials are now confirming that the Trump Campaign still owes Claremont over $1000 for the rally, including $240 to the school district for using the building and around $830 to the city for officials that helped screen people entering the rally.

The Eagle Times reports that the city has attempted to contact the New Hampshire headquarters of the campaign but has yet to hear back on any sort of reimbursement.

The police department also contributed their services for around $1600, but nothing was owed because of an agreement with federal agencies, including Secret Service. The city is continuing to seek the funds and is contacting the campaign headquarters.

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