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VT Man to Undergo Trial in 2015 Brattleboro Murder

An update in the case of a murder that occurred in Brattleboro last year as a Sharon man suspected for first-degree murder is having a strong case being built against him. 40-year old Leonard Moffat of Sharon is set to stand trial in September in Brattleboro and although it is many months from now, prosecutors are actively working to build and fortify a strong case against him, after he was suspected in a drug deal gone bad, resulting in the murder of a father in Brattleboro last year.

35-year old Sultan Rashed was found dead on November 9th in his vehicle in a parking lot and police immediately suspected foul play. Through shared connections, police were informed that Moffat had owed Rashed almost $10,000 in drug debts and may have killed him over the debt from cocaine sales.

The Valley News reports that prosecutors are trying to find all evidence of a drug connection between the two men, which would provide the strongest case in front of the jury.

Police are currently working with Google to preserve all Gmail communications made by Moffat between the date of the murder and the date of his apprehension, which was November 13th.

He’s currently being held at the Southern State Correctional Facility without bail.

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