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Claremont Crews Respond to Brush Fire on Anderson Street

Claremont and Newport firefighters responded to Anderson Street around 4:30 PM Thursday for a brush fire. Trucks of the Claremont and Newport Fire Departments responded to the blaze and the brush fire unit was deployed to combat the flames.

It was deemed under control within an hour and trucks remained on scene to complete the cleanup operation, including extinguishing any hot spots. During the operation, traffic was not affected in a major way, but authorities did block the street next to the Disnard Elementary School.

Smoke could be seen from a fair distance away, given that the flames had started to make their way up a handful of trees. The fire was in a tough place to access and firefighters had to run hoses for a little less than a hundred yards, but were able to able to reach the blaze nonetheless.

The flames scorched an area of the forest about the size of a basketball court


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