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Planning Board Approves Plans For Food-Processing Plant

Right here in Claremont, a vote by the city’s planning board Monday night could bring up to 70 new jobs to the area if a local business follows through with plans to construct a food-processing plant on unused industrial space.

Butcher Block Inc., more commonly known as the North Country Smokehouse – located across from the airport – received a unanimous vote of approval Monday night from the Planning Board on site plans for the proposed plant.

The proposed 67-thousand square foot facility would be located within the Syd Clarke Industrial Park, and merge three existing lots together. The food-processing plant would work in direct correlation with the smokehouse, and hire up to 70 employees over five years to work two shifts.

Board members credited the smokehouse for the thoroughness of its plans and attention to the surrounding ecology. The North Country Smokehouse was founded back in 1912, and is one of the country’s final family-owned smokehouses.

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