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Police Investigating Damage to Cornish Covered Bridge

News of what’s proving to be a frustrating investigation for local authorities into significant damage found at a historic covered bridge Cornish over the weekend.

Damage was first discovered on the Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge – which was built in 1882 and carries Root Hill Road over the Mill Brook – Saturday morning to both siding and framing at one of the entrances.

The bridge was briefly closed, so that authorities could better examine the scene, but it has since reopened. Investigators seized pieces of what they believe to be amber warning strobe lights at the scene, suggesting the vehicle could have been a large delivery or tow truck.

Authorities have sought help from residents in the area to see if any such deliveries or towing events were recently witnessed, but investigators have so far come up empty handed.

Anyone with information into the investigation is encouraged to call Cornish Police Chief Doug Hackett at 603-543-0535.

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