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Dartmouth Bans Hoverboards From Campus

The list of colleges and universities nationwide that have banned the use of hoverboards on campus has grown yet again, and much to the dismay of Ivy League students in Hanover.

Dartmouth College announced in an email to students that the devices – which are similar to Segways but without handles and are much smaller – have been temporarily barred from campus until safety concerns are addressed.

Hoverboards can be dangerous to new users and have been known to catch fire due to a battery issue. Dartmouth is now among 30-plus colleges nationwide to ban the devices, and joins the University of New Hampshire as the only two colleges in the Granite State that disallow their use.

In the email to students, residential operations director Cathy Henault wrote that “the decision was reached based on recommendations by many organizations including the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

Students who currently have hoverboards on campus are asked to contact the office of campus services to arrange for their removal.

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