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Claremont’s Red River Donates to NH & VT Veterans

A local business with national recognition is doing their part to help our country’s veterans avoid homelessness. Red River, located on Water Street, has just announced its donation of $20,000 to support the Friends of Veterans Heating Fund.

The donation was given through Red River’s standalone philanthropic organization, the Red River Charitable Foundation, and the money itself came from the generous pockets and hands of employees who raised the money through a variety of employee fundraising programs.

Friends of Veterans is an all-volunteer non profit that serves veterans all across both Vermont and New Hampshire.

The group’s goal is to help veterans and their families improve their lives to avoid homelessness. Red River says that it is a long standing tradition at the local company for employees to enthusiastically contribute to the many philanthropic activities that they sponsor.

Red River, besides assisting veterans, made two national lists last year including being one of the “coolest places for young people to work” and as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

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