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Massive Drug Sweep in VT Catches 19 People on Charges

In crime news, and quite significant news at that, the Vermont Drug Task Force arrested more than 20 people Tuesday in Southwestern Vermont in a massive sweep. The arrest operation was conducted by the Vermont Drug Task Force in conjunction with federal and local partners and arrested 19 people on a variety of state level criminal charges and an additional 10 on federal level charges.

The defendants charged with federal level crimes will go in front of the US Attorney’s Office, while those arrested for drug crimes against Vermont laws have all been cited to appear in Bennington and Rutland Superior Court.

Tuesday’s sweep worked to combat the ongoing presence of heroin and opiate distribution networks in Vermont communities and the arrests are the product of a year’s worth of investigation into the distribution of illicit drugs.

Charges of the 19 arrested include sale of heroin, sale of cocaine, and sale of regulated drug oxycodone. In their investigation, the Vermont Drug Task Force worked with the FBI, DEA, ATF, as well as local and county law enforcement agencies in Southwestern Vermont.

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