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Claremont Family Dollar Store Temporarily Evacuated

In Claremont, employees and shoppers at the Family Dollar Store here on Pleasant Street were evacuated Tuesday night as heavy rainfall exposed several leaks in the facilities roof. Crews from the Claremont Fire Department responded to the store shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday night after receiving a call from an employee about noticeable leaks coming from the ceiling.

Once on the scene, firefighters quickly attributed the leak to a clogged drain located on the rooftop that had overflowed. The drain was temporarily blocked by firefighters, and the store was reopened within an hour. An employee told the Eagle Times the store had to be evacuated for safety concerns caused by the water.

According to the Claremont Fire Department, crews responded to numerous calls Tuesday involving leaking roofs which was credited to a dangerous mixture of overnight snowfall and heavy rain.


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