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Quechee Takes Steps to Prevent Suicides From Bridge

The historic Quechee Bridge is known for drawing in crowds to admire the view but it is also unfortunately known for its history of suicides. Now, a bill in the state’s legislature would take measures to help prevent suicides at the historic bridge if approved by lawmakers in Montpelier.

The bill – H 593 – would require Vermont’s Agency of Transportation to come up with ways to make the bridge safer to pedestrian traffic, and complete all work by Oct. 1, 2017.

The bridge spans over the Ottauquechee River, some 165-feet over the state’s deepest gorge, and serves as a direct crossing for drivers traveling along Route 4.

The site has historically been a popular tourist attractions for travelers but has also played host to numerous suicides since it was built more than 100 years ago.

According to the Valley News, the bill was authored by Barnard-Representative Teo Zagar, who was inspired after receiving a call from the family of a man who committed suicide at the bridge in 2011.

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