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Volunteers to Overhaul Area Food Pantries

By this time next week, an all-volunteer organization will be running three food pantries for needy families throughout the Mascoma Valley. The Friends of Mascoma Foundation – founded in 2014 – will be taking over Enfield’s current food pantry located in the Enfield Town Hall, and will open two new locations in an effort to better support the community and its children.

The first new location will be in downtown Canaan, with the second opening somewhere within the Mascoma Regional School District. As of October, more than 300 students within the district qualified for free or reduced meals according to an article in today’s Valley News.

Enfield’s selectboard approved the turnover of the town’s pantry to the organization back in November, citing that the pantry has always been supported by volunteers.

The town does not currently set aside money in the budget for the pantry. More information and ways to donate, check out FriendsOfMascoma.org.

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