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Newport Golf Club Coach Steps Down After 11 Years

It was recently announced by the Newport Golf Club that after 11 years, Vince Molesky has chosen to step down as the Director of Golf to take a post at a course much closer to where he currently resides in southern NH.

Vince said in a letter to club members and friends, “I marvel at the places life can take you. I appreciate the Catsam family for giving me the opportunity to fulfill a dream I had, that started in my early twenties and was shelved for over two decades. I was able to complete becoming a PGA member, in my mid-fifties. Included in that were teaching and coaching”

“Watching young kids develop into adults, and not having children of my own, this was a fulfillment that I never thought was in me. I was always in awe of the support shown by club members, families and townspeople. Watching the teams win two state championships is a coach’s dream but it was just icing on the cake.”

We at YCN wish Coach Molesky the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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