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Superintendent to Propose Budget Increase

Turning to school budgets now, SAU 43 Superintendent Cindy Gallagher will ask that an additional amount of money be added to Newport’s budget proposal.

Her request would see $318,000 dollars added to Newport’s $17.2-million dollar budget proposal at the school board’s next deliberative hearing on Tuesday. Gallagher announced her plans during a public hearing Thursday night, saying the money will allow the district a one-year delay in implementing a previously proposed grade reconfiguration.

Gallagher said she planned to implement the changes next year, but an already constrained budget has forced the reconfiguration a year early. According to the plan, the district would move fifth-graders to the Towle Elementary School from Richard Elementary School, sixth graders to Newport Middle High School from Towle, and kindergarten to Towle from Richards.

If the additional funds are not approved, Gallagher said she would be forced to cut teaching positions to reach the bottom line.

Approving the additional funds would lead to a $2.25 increase in the town’s current tax rate.

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