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Rep. Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Visits Newport

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was in Newport at the Sturm Ruger firearms manufacturing company on Friday. The main topic of discussio =n was the 2nd Amendment and gun rights, which was a hot topic in light of the recent Republican debate the night before.

He argued that the 2nd Amendment it is a right, not a suggestion, and revealed that he bought a handgun on Christmas Eve in a store that was crowded because, as Rubio put it, people were afraid of what was going on.

As a gift for his time speaking and touring the firearms company, Rubio was gifted with Ruger Hawkeye bolt-action rifle, which he said was his first rifle, having already owned handguns.

According to a poll by Real Clear Politics, Rubio is ranking second in New Hampshire, with 12.5 percent, as compared to leader Donald Trump’s 30.5 percent. Third place sees Ohio Governor John Kasich with 11.8 percent.

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