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Final Contract Approved for Outgoing City Manager

Just about a month after announcing his retirement at the end of 2016, Claremont city manager Guy Santagate had his final contract ratified by the city council Thursday night. Santagate, who has served in the role since 2001, has said that he will remain in Claremont after the contract expires, and plans to help the city in its search of hiring a new city manager.

Though it is known the contract was ratified, specifics on the vote – as well as details within the contract – were not immediately made available.

Councilors met in a non-public session to discuss the contract, and voted afterward to seal the minutes. According to the Valley News, Santagate’s final contract will not exceed his currently annual salary of $100,000 dollars.

The new contract comes more than six months after the council first met to review Santagate’s performance, with neither side acknowledging why the process took so long.

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