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CT Woman Charged with DUI in Car vs. House Crash

In what seems like a familiar story given a recent incident here in Claremont, a Connecticut woman has been charged with crashing her car into Westminster Vermont home while under the influence.

According to police, 38-year old Stephanie Howe crashed her car into the home of 43-year old Westminster resident Gabriel Wellins, moving the house up to a foot off of its foundation.

The incident occurred when Howe veered off of Route 121 around 9:00 PM yesterday and slammed into the residence. At the scene, after she performed sobriety tests and declined a breath test, she was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

She was processed at the Rockingham State Police Barracks and issued a citation for DUI Refusal and Gross Negligent Operation. Howe was released and issued to appear in court on February 2nd.

This accident comes less than a month after two teenagers in Claremont hit a house on Maple Avenue with their car, while fleeing from police.

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