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Ordinance in the Works to Combat Nuisance Properties

In Vermont, members of the Springfield Ordinance Committee are putting the finishing touches on a proposed ordinance that would regulate so-called nuisance properties located within school zones.

The committee discussed specifics about language during Tuesday night’s regularly scheduled selectboard meeting, and plans to have a final proposal ready to present by the board’s next meeting on Jan. 25.

If enacted, the ordinance would classify and prohibit property within 500 feet of school zones or licensed day care facilities from exhibiting broken windows, graffiti, or plywood or particle board on its exterior.

According to a draft of the ordinance, such areas are frequented by minors, as well as people interested in investing or moving into the community.

The ordinance would also prohibit properties owners within the subjected area from failing to mow their lawns and ridding their land with noxious weeds which the committee says has an adverse effect on surrounding property values.

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