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Proposed $1M School Budget Increase to be Scaled Back

An update on a story we brought you a few weeks back as SAU 6 Superintendent Middleton McGoodwin told the school board Wednesday night it must reduce a proposed $1 million-dollar increase to its annual budget before this weekend’s public meeting.

The Claremont School Board initially unveiled its proposal for the 2017 fiscal year last month, which included nearly $250,000 dollars of scheduled maintenance to many of the district’s buildings.

The meeting will be held Saturday morning from 8:30 until noon at the Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center, and will also be televised live on CCTV.

Of the proposed $1 million-dollar increase comes some $80,000 dollars from Stevens High School alone, including an increase of $11,000 to cover the costs of lights for athletic events played at night.

Once the board approves a final budget proposal, it will put up to the public for final approval come March voting.

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