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Winter Break Snow Storm Bringing Pluses & Minuses

Tuesday’s storm couldn’t come at a better time for school administrators and parents with students on both sides of the Connecticut River still on holiday break.

However, for the students, there couldn’t be a worse time for the snowstorm, meaning that a potential snow day cancellation Tuesday means nothing as they are already off from school!

A snow storm Tuesday that would normally result in a school cancellation has both pluses and minuses with the obvious negative points being adverse driving conditions and even a loss of power to some households. But, the positive side of a snow day coinciding with winter break means that parents won’t have to scramble to get their child into a daycare or childcare facility for the day.

Additionally, winter recreation will receive a much-needed boost, with area ski mountains potentially expecting a large crowd of youngsters enjoying the time off from school, eager to hit the fresh conditions.

Tuesday’s snow fall will only be the first of the year so far and we can expect more to come, as well as some possible school cancellations.

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