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Vt. Attorney General Warns Solar Companies

An interesting story out of Vermont as the state’s Attorney General’s Office has issued a warning to solar companies to stop deceptive marketing practices claiming energy they sell to be renewable.

The AG’s Office issued the warning in a letter sent out earlier this month, but did not name any specific companies found being deceptive. The office is targeting companies that sell or lease panels within the state, and then sell the renewable energy they produce to out-of-state utility companies.

The letter states that businesses who use this process cannot claim their Vermont customers are buying solar power, and that doing so violates federal consumer fraud laws.

The letter went on to say Vermont would seek civil penalties against solar companies that falsely claim to sell “renewable”, “solar” or even “clean” energy to in-state residents.

Green Mountain Power – which has proposed building a controversial solar farm over in Windsor – has been accused misleading consumers in the past, but has since tightened up its language in a response several inquiries.

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