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Fugitive of the Week Arrested Visiting Home for Holidays

News out of Springfield Vermont as the US Marshals Service nabbed one of their Fugitive of the Week suspects earlier this week while she was visiting home for the holidays. 25-year old Laura Ritchie was named as the Fugitive of the Week earlier this year on April 21st for failing to appear on a heroin sales charge.

Between then and now, she had fled the Twin States to a location in New Jersey. Authorities had been searching in New Jersey until just recently when a series of tips came in to the US Marshals on Monday saying that Ritchie would be in Springfield Vermont visiting her mother for the holidays.

On Tuesday, US Marshals and the Springfield Police Department apprehended Ritchie without incidence in her family home on Paddock Road and was charged as a fugitive from justice.

Now on the same day, US Marshals also arrested a second Fugitive of the Week, this one from just last week, in Ashland New Hampshire.

Two fugitives in one day? Sounds like a nice Christmas gift for the US Marshals Service.

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