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Enfield Police Giving Out $100 Bills Instead of Tickets

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday: what if you got pulled over for speeding and instead of being given a ticket, you were given a 100 dollar bill?

Well anybody who got pulled over in Enfield New Hampshire the past few days could answer that question for you, as the Enfield Police Department is spreading the holiday cheer.

Enfield Police Chief Richard Crate Jr. was given $5000 by an anonymous resident of Enfield who simply asked that the funds be given out in the name of holiday giving and generosity.

The individual was reportedly inspired by a similar act happening in another state and thought to bring this particular act of giving to Enfield. In fact, a handful of police departments across the nation are doing the same, including one in Oregon and another in Grand Rapids Minnesota.

Now this does not mean that you should be speeding through Enfield today or tomorrow for a Benjamin and Enfield Police remind you to please drive safely this holiday.

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