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Claremont Light Display Drawing Crowds Once Again

They are at it again. Who, you ask? The Mitchells in Claremont have once again put on an absolutely spectacular light show in front of their home, dubbed Mitchell’s Magic Christmas.

YCN visited the light show Wednesday night, amid not snow, but pouring rain, and spoke with Brian Mitchell about his annual show. Mitchell told YCN News that the display takes about 6 weeks to put up, and only 3 days to take down.

A Claremont resident his whole life, he says that he’s been doing the display for 25 years and that his background in computer programming was instrumental in setting up the synchronized music show.

Mitchell’s Magic Christmas has been partnered with David’s House, a home away from home for children receiving care at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, for 4 years and worked with CHaD before that. So what do the neighbors think of the whole ordeal?

Mitchell says they’ve come to embrace it, with one even putting up a sign that says “ditto” on his front lawn.

The display has been running since November 27th and will end on New Year’s Eve, to be taken down until next year.

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