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DOT Orders Newport to Remove Passing Signs

An interesting story out of Newport as the U.S. Department of Transportation has asked the town to remove signs depicting the required distance for vehicles passing bicyclists on Granite State roadways.

The signs were brought to Newport by a former town manager and avid biker, and highlight NH law RSA 265:143-A, which determines how far away a motorist should be based on their speed.

The U.S. Department of Transportation ordered that the signs be removed from New Hampshire roadways by Dec. 1, claiming they aren’t traffic signs approved at the national or state level.

Officials in Newport say they didn’t receive notice of the order until just last Monday, however, and were granted an extended deadline of Jan. 1.

Newport had several such signs on its roadways, including one just past the T-bird near the Sunapee-town line. But as of mid afternoon today, all signs had been removed.

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