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Heart of Claremont Decorates City for Holidays

Those of us who have walked through Claremont after dark recently have no doubt felt the Christmas spirit. The extravagant light displays in not only Broad Street Park, but on the Moody Building, the rotary, and Pleasant Street’s abandoned storefronts are all thanks to the work of volunteers.

The Heart of Claremont is a volunteer community organization that works year round to enhance the look of the downtown, through a variety of decorations. We caught up with Michele Pierce, who explains the significance of the group and their cause.

If you live in or near Claremont, we encourage you to take a stroll down Pleasant Street or over to Broad Street Park after dark.

We guarantee you’ll be feeling the Christmas spirit in no time. With that said, Heart of Claremont is seeking donations to continue their good work.

You can mail donations to  Luke Avery, PO Box 51, Claremont NH 03743. Luke is a board member within Heart of Claremont and handles the group’s finances.

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