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Arrowhead’s Tube Track Damaged by Tree Clearing

News out of Claremont as some recent tree clearing on the local Arrowhead Mountain has caused some damage to the tubing track. What’s more is that the city has approved funds Wednesday night to pay for the cleanup of the damaged trail.

Arrowhead Mountain, which is volunteer run and is a nonprofit, sought to expand its tubing area by removing trees from the side of the trail. The city brought in Lyons & Tenney Timber Harvesting from Bellows Falls who began their work in late November.

However, the logging equipment severely damaged a considerable section of the tubing track, from top to bottom, leaving mud, ruts, and debris.

The city has approved the funds to begin cleanup of the damage, before snow falls and for the opening of the season. Osgood Construction began work today to smooth out the damaged section and otherwise clean up the debris from the logging.

Arrowhead Mountain is open year round to a wide variety of sports and activities and is home to Parks and Recreation programs as well as the Arrowhead Recreation Club.

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