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Vermont Residents Call For Fewer Incarcerations

In Vermont news, residents of Hartford and surrounding towns overwhelming agreed on the need to decrease the state’s incarceration numbers during a public forum Monday night.

The forum was held at the Hartford Town Hall, and was attended by approximately 30 residents, as well as Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell.

According to the Attorney General, the state currently has about 1,800 people behind bars, with more than 350 of those being pre-trial detainees, and an additional 650 being held beyond their minimum release date due to a lack of appropriate housing. The panel discussed ways to reduce those numbers with residents, including counseling and reconciliation programs.

The Green Mountain State doesn’t rank so bad nationally, however, with only nine states imprisoning fewer people. Louisiana comes in with the highest number of incarcerations, while Maine ranks lowest.

Vermont’s Attorney General’s Office plans to hold several more forums in the coming days, including one in Rutland Tuesday night, and another up in Burlington on Monday.

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