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Springfield Hospital Installs Solar Hot Water

Springfield Hospital in none other than Springfield VT, is kicking off their newest project that will be the first in the state. The Departments of Engineering and Development at the hospital are pairing up to install solar hot water, which is the first at a Vermont Hospital, according to a press release from the Springfield Medical Care Systems.

The hospital has already been recognized as an Energy Star rated hospital, which we told you about earlier this year, and is only one of two of the kind in the entire state. As for the new solar project, it will lie flat on the roof and will be funded entirely by donations.

Other projects at the hospital that have been funded by donations include the sidewalk, front entrance, and courtyard garden.

The current fundraising goal for the solar hot water project is $85,000 and if an extra $25,000 is raised, a second hot water system will be installed at the Springfield Health Center.

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