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Brattleboro Winter Parking Ban in Effect

A winter parking ban is currently in effect in the Brattleboro, which began on November 15th and will run to April 15th. Similar to Hanover and Claremont’s, it effects the hours of 12 midnight to 7:00 AM, where no vehicle is allowed on any of the city streets.

City officials will activate amber and purple lights when snow removal will be occurring on city lots and streets, meaning all vehicles must be removed from all parking lots except for the Brattleboro Transportation Center.

The Highway Division within the Public Works Department is responsible for the plowing within city lines. Brattleboro has a total of 85 miles that are actively maintained by the Highway Division, which consist of Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 roads.

Class 4 roads are maintained by the town and do not receive any winter plowing.

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