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Update in Croydon School Board Controversy

An interesting follow-up to the back-and-forth conflict between the Croydon School Board and the state’s Attorney General’s Office, as two of the four students at the center of the controversy are the children of a sitting board member.

According to the Valley News, two of the Croydon students who attend the Newport Montessori School rather than Newport public schools are the children of School Board Vice Chairwoman Angi Beaulieu – with a third being her nephew.

On Monday, the state’s attorney general’s office asked a superior court judge to prohibit the board’s use of public tax money to fund the tuition of the four students attending private school.

The Croydon School board began it’s school choice policy last year, giving families the opportunity to choose their children’s school beyond the fourth grade. A hearing has not yet been scheduled in Superior Court, and YCN News will continue to update you on this developing story.

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