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Accused Head of Drug Ring Sentenced to Prison

The accused head of a local heroin and crack-cocaine distribution ring was sentenced to seven to 15 years in state prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to four felony charges.

37-year-old Dushon Waden of County Farm Road in Unity will have two years reduced from that sentence if he remains on good behavior as part of a plea deal negotiated with Sullivan County prosecutors.

Waden pleaded guilty to three felony charges of sale of crack cocaine, and one felony charge of sale of heroin, stemming from an October 2014 bust organized by the New Hampshire State Police’s Drug Task Force.

The bust – nicknamed Operation Holiday Harvest – resulted in 22 total arrests, with investigators having targeted Waden as a “drug enterprise leader” in Sullivan County. Waden was indicted by a Sullivan County Grand Jury back in February, and had faced 25 years to life in state prison prior to Wednesday’s plea deal.

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