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City of Lebanon Mulls Improvements to Downtown

LEBANON – City councilors in Lebanon or mulling ideas for improving the city’s downtown and pedestrian mall to make the area a more desirable destination.

Much of Lebanon’s historic downtown was destroyed during the massive fire of 1964, though some lasting areas – including the former railroad tunnel beneath the city parking lot beside Lebanon Diner and Village Pizza – are still around, and are in desperate need of attention.

The parking lot above the tunnel was closed last fall to vehicular traffic, and could be closed to pedestrian traffic as well if deterioration continues. The city council has allocated approximately $90,000 for necessary immediate repairs to the tunnel, though a study into the best means of repairing the tunnel won’t be complete until early February.

City officials are planning to garner input from the public during a an open meeting on October 20th at the Grafton County Senior Center.

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