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SAU 6 Considers Four-Year School Safety Plan

CLAREMONT – Renovations to Stevens High School have done a number in enhancing the safety of students and staff, and SAU 6 is planning on extending that effort throughout the school district in light of recent school shootings.

The district is considering implementing a four-year plan that could cost approximately $500,000, but would greatly increase the safety of Claremont’s middle and elementary schools, as well add additional improvements at the high school. The new main entrance way to the high school is locked during school hours, and requires visitors to be let in by an office attendant remotely.

And perhaps most comforting are the 18 cameras surrounding the building’s exterior that can give those attendance an early warning of any unusual activity.

The plan would be spread out over four years as a way to ease stress on the district’s budget, though state and federal grants could be on the table.

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