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Newport School District Aiming to Secede from SAU 43

Residents of Newport, New Hampshire and the SAU 43 School Board will hear a presentation Thursday night outlining a plan of secession that would land the town its own school district.

The meeting is being held at the Sugar River Valley Technical Center at 6 p.m., and feature recommendations from the district’s planning committee created last March. Barring objections from residents, the planning committee would meet one more time in the coming weeks to finalize a plan, before submitting it to the state Board of Education later this fall.

If approved at the state level, Newport voters would get the chance to okay the single-town district during March voting, paving the way for its installation prior to the start of the next school year.

SAU 43 currently encompasses the towns of Newport and Croydon, which has been involved in its own ongoing saga with the state’s Attorney General’s office for funding the tuition of students attending private school.

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